The Wytham Room

The Wytham Exhibition of Arts & Science from Wytham Woods is hosted by the University of Oxford Museum of Natural History.  We offer a regularly changing representation of ecological scientific research currently being undertaken at Wytham Woods by a variety of research groups operating here.  

Taking a particular topic of timely interest and current research activity, The Wytham Studio aims to use video, soundscapes, art and narrative to bring to life various themes within the British natural landscape that are of concern to us all and on which research at Oxford sheds particular light.  

The exhibition at the museum is tied to a series of linked programmes of art and science workshops in the woods and visa versa, so that visitors to are drawn by a variety of means into new understandings of the natural landscape.  

Each exhibition represents a collaboration between Robin Wilson and Rosie Fairfax-Cholmeley of The Wytham Studio with a researcher or research group from the University.  The first exhibition was an investigation into various aspects of an unusual fenland survivor within the boundaries of the wood, which is being investigated by eco-hydrologist Dr. Curt Lamberth.  The forthcoming exhibition is a collaboration with Dr. Keith Kirby of the Plant Sciences Department, and formerly of Natural England.  In this we will look at the work of one of Britain’s earliest ecologists Prof. Charles Elton, diarist and formerly based at Wytham.  The exhibition is linked to a forthcoming book, and to workshops and walks at the woods throughout the year following Elton’s footsteps and examining how previous observations and collections remain relevant to this day.

Future exhibitions will include:

  • Entomology of Wytham woods
  • The Bat populations of Wytham
  • Butterflies and Moths
  • Traditional Woodland Ceramics Kilns


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