The Wytham Studio (Visual Arts Research)                
University of Oxford
Sawmill Yard, Wytham             
United Kingdom

E: robin.wilson@admin.ox.ac.uk

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Ph.D. Geochemistry (Durham University)
M.Sc. (Distinction) Visual Social Anthropology (Oxford University)
B.Sc. (1st Class) Hons Geography & Geology  
Post Grad Cert Teaching/Learning in Higher Education (Durham University)


1999 – 2000     Postdoctoral Research, University of Durham Department of Anthropology
2000 – 2001     British Academy Research Fellow, University of Durham Department of Anthropology
2001 –    2003    Nuffield Foundation Senior Fellow, University of Durham Department of Anthropology
2003 –    2006    Lecturer Social Anthropology, University of Durham Department of Anthropology
2008 –    2013    Artist in Residence, University of Oxford (Wytham Woods)
2012 –    2013    Resident Artist, Harris-Manchester College, Oxford
2006 –    pres.    Founder Flagstone Press, Oxford
2012 –    pres.    Director, Oxfordshire Artweeks.
2013 – pres.    Director, The Wytham Studio, University of Oxford (Wytham Woods)
2014 – pres.    Project Director: Oxford University Anagama Kiln Project




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Wilson, R. A.  2004 Remaking the World: Myth Mining and Ritual Change among the Duna of Papua New Guinea. Book review in BKI Bijdragen Koninklijk Instituut Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast Asia and Oceania (Journal of the Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology), 160 (4) November. 

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2009   Something in the Woods. Flagstone Press, Oxford.


1994 – 1995  Fiji, Vanuatu & Solomon Islands
1995  Oman & Cyprus                
1999, 2001 – 2004  Lihir, Ramu, Porgera, Ok Tedi -  Papua New Guinea        
2001 – 2006  N.E. England            
2008, 2012  Lycia - Turkey
2006 – present  Satu Mare & Maramures - Romania 
2009 – present  Wytham Wood - UK    
2013 – present  Bizen - Japan